At the Guardia Civil station yesterday.


Following recent incidents in Magalluf, five Britons have been placed under investigation for hate crime. Nineteen denunciations were reported to the Guardia Civil in Son Bugadelles by women who have been the target for action taken by residents and workers in Magalluf who want to rid the resort of violence perpetrated by so-called prostitutes.

The Guardia Civil say that they will not allow people to take the matter into their own hands or to allow the situation to get out of control. Fifteen people were summoned to the Son Bugadelles station. The five facing accusations were allowed to go. Outside the station they said that that no one does anything about the prostitutes who attack and rob tourists. "We go on the street and protest and it turns out that we are the bad guys."

Businesspeople in the area are blaming "mafias" which organise the prostitutes for a drop in the number of visitors. The Facebook page on which photos and videos of the protests against the prostitutes had been posted has been closed.

The five have been "imputed", which in Spanish legal terminology does not mean having been charged with anything. To be an "imputado" is to be a suspect in an investigation.


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Daryn / Hace over 3 years

Having sent alot of my hard earned money on holidays in Magaluf since 1986 Im afraid the situation is now getting that bad Im ready to say goodbye. I have already cut my holidays down from 2 weeks a year to 4 nights on the Island. Its hard to see the place go like this when so much money is being spent to improve hotels and the resort but what are we supposed to do, carry on as if everything is ok until someone is killed. Calvia council act now before the inevitable because once it does it will be massive news for all the tabloids and I guarantee the resort will end up being a ghost town. Us tourists are already suffering enough with the eco tax doubling this year, hotel and flight prices on the rise, protests against tourism and this on going dangerous problem with these criminals you tell us why we should bother to spend our money when the rest of the world has so much to offer.


Britbabe / Hace over 3 years

I think a few ( or more ) people have their wires crossed. Law abiding people , whatever their skin colour or Nationality, are welcome in Magaluf and all other resorts. It is the criminals, be they black, white or yellow, who are NOT welcome. Too much emphasis is put on colour and race. Make it clear, if you are a criminal, you WILL be caught and punished.


Richard Pearson / Hace over 3 years

Sarah, are you the same Sarah who a year or so ago wrote about a relationship you had had with a person whose religion is one of “peace” ? . If so, I enjoyed reading it.


Lynne / Hace over 3 years

I have been going to Magaluf for 16 years, twice a year, and the very real problem of the prostitution/muggers, has got increasingly worse, it’s about time the police/council did something about it, l fully admire the locals for taking a stand, good on them.


Frank / Hace over 3 years

There are muggers the world over in any mass populated area. If you must go there get streetwise or get mugged. Nowhere stays the same, it's an effect of third-world migration throughout the world. Trying to stop it happening is futile and naive I'm afraid. Sad, but there are many much sadder things happening around the planet.


D / Hace over 3 years

This how the state looses the respect and confidence of the population. Surely the police are here to protect the law abiding citizens not the criminals. This is how riots and uprisings start.


Sarah / Hace over 3 years

RBMM - they are not “prostitutes” these women are “thieves and they works in packs”.


RBMM / Hace over 3 years

I agree of course that prostitution should be removed from the streets, but I think there is nothing the police can do since it isn't illegal. I think that it would be better to put much more pressure on local politicians with the help of media. Who wants to appear frequently in the media as a person doing nothing about such problems? Local politicians should regulate that type of business, because then the police could remove them.


Lawrie / Hace over 3 years

There is a more serious side to all this of course. All European countries are coming down hard against any person or groups who show any signs of racism whatsoever. Behind the scenes they are terified of widespread civil unrest. In our beloved Blighty you can mug an old granny and expext community service, be verbally abusive to one of our African friends and expect a jail sentence.


Sarah / Hace over 3 years

This is so wrong - the media, the Mayor, the NGO have made out that these women have done nothing wrong.

What message are we honestly giving to thieves and persons that think they are within the law when they stab, scratch, harass, scare the general public.

This is the “European Court of Human Rights” protecting the thief.

If you wish for Magaluf to remain a zone for heavily drinking youngsters and a clientele who do not care, then please continue to pander to these women who are from my personal experience terrifying.

You will never return the families and decent clientele who frequented when it was a heavily family and retired resort in the ‘80s and 90’s.

They left because of the muggers, then we had really poor seasons and then the large groups of youngsters, the weekend stag groups, the tattoo shops, the kebab takeaways and the strip clubs.

Twenty years ago there were reataurants on the strip.

Get rid of the muggers ie these women, get rid of All Inclusive hotels and you will see a change in Magaluf in the near future.

Very sad day.