Nina Parrón, the Council of Majorca's director of equality.

28-04-2018Teresa Ayuga

Nina Parrón, the Council of Majorca's director of equality, has called on the whole citizenship of the island to treat Nigerian prostitutes, especially those operating in Magalluf, with respect and dignity. These women "are victims of mafias which exploit, coerce and mistreat them".

Parrón met Calvia town hall's deputy mayor for equality, Nati Francés, last week. This was in order to "establish a joint strategy for achieving greater respect for these people". Resident and businesspeople who organise themselves against the women do not represent a "solution".

The director says that when the public see these women engaged in prostitution, they should know that mafias are controlling them. Parrón adds: "They (the women) do not do it for pleasure or for their own interests. The mafias demand the money. This is how it is. They have no other choice but to steal.

She is conscious of the problem that exists in Magalluf in particular and that it could spread elsewhere if it is not addressed. And the problem, Parrón states, is not the women "but the groups behind them". She calls on the police to get to the root of the problem.

Parrón also says that the Nigerian women are sent to work in places like Magalluf because "there are men who are disposed to pay for sexual services". "We are making an effort to overcome sex tourism and prevent these practices. If not, the phenomenon will continue to grow with the women as victims."


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Glenn / Hace over 3 years

Nina, I really wonder if your wired up correctly! People get into debt, have problems and end up importing drugs through customs on behalf of gangs yes? So.. they know when they do it they are breaking the law, i do , you do and whole world does! yet obviously they are treated as the criminals they are and sent to prison. What we don't do is give then a cuddle & a cake as that tends to send out the wrong message you get me? Have a day off, rest your opinion's and give your brain a chance to catch up. Hey how about putting your time into supporting law abiding citizens??? Just a thought...


Valley bar / Hace over 3 years

Jesus you couldn’t make this s**t up


Tadzio Sawicki / Hace over 3 years

The quickest way to get at the mafia is to run up the costs of the operation. This would moist effectively be accomplished by deporting any foreigner engaged in prostitution to their native land. There is no money in putting a woman on the street for one or two days. Expedited deportation procedures would render the importation and brutalization of women unsustainable.


David Sumner / Hace over 3 years

So the tail is wagging the corrupt dog once again. Seems it's more important to get planning permissions, licences and stop those naughty people from renting property to holidaymakers. Mallorca sticks its head in the sand over and over again. Soon there will be plenty of space in the sand to do it as the holidaymakers will be enjoying Greece where we are made welcome Bye Bye, watch the gap!


Graham Radway / Hace over 3 years

Unbelievable. We all know why these woman are there. So much money has been spent on this area. Surely safety of the TOURIST should be paramount. Maybe only when one of the" higher class" tourists wander into the wrong area and gets mugged will something be done


Holidaymaker / Hace over 3 years

It would help if people would stop calling these aggressive thieves prostitutes !!! That is a what they want to be called to avoid being prosecuted. If they are arrested for what they are then they can be delt with . They want it to be in the press as prostitures as it helps their case . They are just plain straight forward violent robbing thieves !!!


Carol wright / Hace over 3 years

Dear Nina. These so called prostitutes carry weapons they beat up tourists and steal from them!!! They do not prostitute they steal phones money and valuables from tourists I have seen this in magaluf on a few occasions YOU NEED TO WALK THE STRIP AND ROUND ANPUT AFTER MIDNIGHT and see for yourself they hang around in packs waiting for unsuspecting young men and then surround them take their valuables and will use a weapon if need be they are vicious evil and very strong women. CLEAN UP MAGALUF NOW before it’s too late!!! PLEASE.


James / Hace over 3 years

Henry, my understanding is that prostitution itself, in Spain, is legal, but, pimping is illegal. Fine. These are NOT prostitutes, as there’s no bang for the buck. The business I was in for over a half-century found me in close proximity to “The Ladies” and the vast majority I knew were of the likable sort. The “pimps” however, were another matter altogether - the worst sort of “man”. Hell, let’s not give “The Mafia” a bad name!

Oh, and can we let cops be cops in the traditional head-knocking sense?

On third thought, build Cat Houses.


george / Hace over 3 years

The news story has reached Fox news in America. "Thieving Aggressive Women" should now only be the phrase that we use.


WK / Hace over 3 years

We must respect criminals? They are not prostitutes, they are thieves, they do not perform sexual acts, come on how can this be accurate, this can only me Marxist feminist rhetoric.