Nina Parrón, the Council of Majorca's director of equality. | Teresa Ayuga


Nina Parrón, the Council of Majorca's director of equality, has called on the whole citizenship of the island to treat Nigerian prostitutes, especially those operating in Magalluf, with respect and dignity. These women "are victims of mafias which exploit, coerce and mistreat them".

Parrón met Calvia town hall's deputy mayor for equality, Nati Francés, last week. This was in order to "establish a joint strategy for achieving greater respect for these people". Resident and businesspeople who organise themselves against the women do not represent a "solution".

The director says that when the public see these women engaged in prostitution, they should know that mafias are controlling them. Parrón adds: "They (the women) do not do it for pleasure or for their own interests. The mafias demand the money. This is how it is. They have no other choice but to steal.

She is conscious of the problem that exists in Magalluf in particular and that it could spread elsewhere if it is not addressed. And the problem, Parrón states, is not the women "but the groups behind them". She calls on the police to get to the root of the problem.

Parrón also says that the Nigerian women are sent to work in places like Magalluf because "there are men who are disposed to pay for sexual services". "We are making an effort to overcome sex tourism and prevent these practices. If not, the phenomenon will continue to grow with the women as victims."