Miguel Ángel Borrás.


The Costa d'en Blanes owners' community does not want any more authorised holiday rental accommodation on the estate. At a meeting of owners, the rejection of holiday rentals was passed by a majority with one vote against a ban and three abstentions. There are 600 properties on the estate.

The owners are asking Calvia town hall and the Council of Majorca to make this "total prohibition" clear and to put it in writing. The president, Miguel Ángel Borrás, has sent a letter to this effect to the mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez.

Borrás says that the deeds do not permit any type of industrial or commercial "exploitation". Holiday rentals, he notes, "cause problems, and we don't want any more". Of the 600 properties, 90% of which are owned by foreigners, there are 35 with an existing holiday rentals licence.

In order to prevent new licences being granted - the moratorium is lifted on 15 July - he wants the town hall to make clear that there is a ban in the document it is finalising. Until now, he adds, he has not seen any reference to Costa d'en Blanes.


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Odette / Hace over 3 years

Good Afternoon, we are one of the owners with a tourist license in costa d'en blanes and if this ban goes into place we will be forced to sell our home (which we also regularly use as our holiday home). We only rent to families and do not allow large parties in our property. We are very careful to rent to respectable people who will enjoy the property in peace. Please can any other owner who is against this ban get in touch with me asap so we can create a forum and push back with legal representation on this terrible initiative? I also want to know how many people attended this meeting as I doubt the numbers were sufficient to allow a ban like this to go through. Please email me on gaia157-new@yahoo.com.


LyndseyWallop / Hace over 3 years

Whilst understanding both sides of this argument, the reality is you can't have all the advantages of tourism without the actual tourists. As an apartment owner, there are times when I wish there were less people around - but at the same time I recognise and accept that these visitors keep the local businesses thriving. Without them we would go back to the days of many "se-vende" signs and boarded up properties - which personally I do not want to experience. Ironically, as I've mentioned in a previous post, the biggest issue we've had with neighbours were with resident owners (rather than renters) - a really lovely couple, but they were so loud, and often late into the night. Thankfully, they sold and moved away!


Liz / Hace over 3 years

If you own a property you should be allowed to do as you please with that property and not be dictated to by others That to me is a fundamental right. Regardless of weather you live in it rent it out or board it up it is yours to do as you please. It’s time people here realised the basics of human rights.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

I hope that you are happy when the tourists go elsewhere and shops,bars,restaurants,cafes et al close down in droves due to the lack of business. Jobs will be lost as well so poverty,homelessness and unemployment will also increase,but,hey,it's what you seem to want,enjoy it.