Images captured at Bierkönig.


An incident involving a German neo-Nazi at the Bierkönig beer hall in Arenal has been the subject of much attention on social media. During the screening of the Austria-Germany football match on 2 June, the neo-Nazi, bearing SS tattoos, gave the Nazi salute and began shouting "Heil Hitler".

The beer hall was full at the time. Several customers hauled him down from the stool onto which he had climbed in order to deliver the salute. Security personnel, subsequently praised for their handling of the incident, applied an appropriate level of force and invited him to leave. They then ensured that he could not return.

The incident occurred a few days before the big National Police and employment inspectorate raid on the beer hall.

This was not the first time that there has been an incident involving neo-Nazis at Bierkönig. Last June, a group of Germans interrupted a concert when they brandished a German imperial flag and chanted "foreigners out". This was directed at black people. They were ejected after having been shouted down by customers.