Police in action.

The Playa de Palma is becoming a jungle and with the hotelier and residents at loggerheads with Palma City Council about installing some order, the Mayor of Palma, Antoni Noguera, has apportioned part of the blame on hoteliers for attracting anti social tourists and encouraging booze tourism.

While the argument is set to continue, eight people were arrested in the early hours of yesterday morning as a result of a police operation mounted in the most conflictive areas of the resort.

Four were arrested for dealing drugs and four others for assaulting robbing drunken holiday makers.

All of the eight suspects were caught red handed and varying amounts of drugs were seized along with 900 euros in cash from illegal street traders who are apparently controlling the drug dealing on the streets.

The operation was carried out by under cover police posing as tourists.

According to the National Police, because of the fury in Magalluf over the activities of the Nigerian prostitutes who have returned to rob drunken tourists again, they have decided to target holiday makers in the Playa de Palma instead.

Recently in Magalluf businesses and residents took matters in to their own hands and confronted the prostitutes and filmed them, this has apparently pushed them over to the Playa de Palma where they are now preying on German holiday makers as the situation continues to spiral out of control in the resort.