Police actions in Playa de Palma. | Policia Nacional

Perhaps stung by resident and business criticisms of inaction and a lack of presence, the police (local and National) are providing regular updates of interventions in Playa de Palma.

From Sunday evening to Monday morning there were seven arrests for various offences. The first of these was that of a Romanian citizen. An off-duty National Police officer observed this individual who was watching beachgoers with the clear intention of robbing them. Colleagues were called and they ascertained that he was subject to a European arrest warrant.

Later, a Spaniard and a Moroccan, said to be habitual offenders, were picked up by officers with a National Police patrol after they had grabbed a bag from a German tourist.

At 4.30 in the morning, a patrol was called to an establishment in Arenal where there was a fight between staff and a group of Germans. One of this group ran off but was apprehended on the beach.

As well as the arrests, Palma and National Police were involved in a joint operation to inspect various establishments. At half six in the morning, the checks were made, there having been regular complaints by residents about noise, nuisance, fights and drug-taking. Thirteen infringements were reported.

Meanwhile, the local police have drawn attention to cases of officers having been assaulted. There were different incidents from Friday to Sunday that resulted in attacks on four officers.

Last Friday around half eight in the evening, officers arrested a Senegalese citizen for drug pushing. He put up a great deal of resistance. An officer was injured in the process.

On Sunday, an African was detained after attacking officers on the calle Pare Bartomeu Salvà. Another African was part of a group of illegal sellers who ran off when police appeared and jumped on a bus without paying. Officers went inside the bus, and it was then that one of them was assaulted.

A Romanian, when told he was under arrest for having stolen items in his possession, also attacked a police officer.