Examination of the car which was used to take Wouter Van Lujin to hospital.

13-07-2018Gemma Marchena

The driver who took 34-year-old Wouter Van Luijn to Son Espases Hospital on Friday morning was later arrested by the National Police.

According to the initial version, the driver had seen the Dutch tourist, who is now known to have been a filmmaker from Amsterdam, by a storage facility on the Cami de la Milana in Son Ferriol not far from the Son Banya shanty town. He saw four or five men next to Mr. Van Luijn and sounded the car horn. When he did so, the men ran off, vaulting over a wall.

As police pieced together evidence, the driver changed his version and was arrested. He said that the attack on Mr. Van Luijn had occurred inside Son Banya, specifically on street number five. Police had already thought that the attack could have been in Son Banya.

Mr. Van Lujin was staying in Palmamova and had apparently gone to Son Banya to buy drugs. The autopsy has confirmed that he died of internal bleeding. The blows that he received, according to the autopsy, were not fatal as such, as he had a previous cerebral aneurysm. His state of health, the autopsy reports, was "delicate".