Certain restrictions are going to apply to the use of Segways. | Pere Bota


As a matter of urgency, Palma town hall is to issue a decree regulating the use of personal mobility vehicles, such as Segways and scooters (the stand-on variety, that is).

The chief of police, Josep Palouzié, says that the regulations could be in place as early as next week. He says that they are needed and that they will follow the examples set by cities such as Barcelona and Madrid.

The use of these types of vehicle will in future be subject to restriction. In Playa de Palma, for instance, the area in which they can be used is to be defined, and they cannot be used between nine in the evening and nine in the morning. Playa de Palma is where problems with these vehicles is at its greatest. Otherwise, they can be used on bike lanes, on certain streets and on pavements. In all instances, there are speed restrictions.

The maximum weight and speed of vehicles will be included in the decree, and minimum ages for using different categories are to be established based on the weight and speed. The youngest age for vehicles weighing no more than 25 kilograms and going no faster than 20kph will be twelve. Regardless of age, "drivers" will have to observe rules of the road as they apply, for example, to the use of mobiles and the wearing of helmets.