Matteo Salvini, who was tweeting yesterday. | @matteosalvinimi

On Thursday the Council of Majorca declared Italian interior minister, Matteo Salvini, persona non grata. The declaration was in response to his policies regarding migrants and to the closure of Italian ports to the Aquarius fleet and over 600 people.

Salvini has hit back at the Council. In front of numerous supporters in Fontevivo yesterday, Salvini said that he had learned that he was not welcome in Majorca. "Who said that I was planning on going to Majorca?" He also tweeted: "To anyone who is bothered, I'm spending my holidays in Italy. The first swim of the year. Evviva la Romagna (an historical region of Italy that includes Rimini), which is not Majorca. Kisses to the 'rosiconi' (those who hate me)."

To his audience he added: "We thought that the Italian left-wing was weird, but the Spanish left is worse."

The Council's declaration, led by the left-wing administration, received the support of the opposition from the right and centre-right - the Partido Popular, C's and El Pi.