There are fears that the Valldemossa development will be like one in Deya.

Development on Son Mossènyer, which borders the Charterhouse in Valldemossa, could entail the building of up to 36 luxury villas. The land is currently classified as being for development, a fact that has alarmed environmentalists Terraferida. They are backing the town hall, which next Monday may well approve an amendment to Valldemossa's general urban plan and reclassify the land so that it cannot be developed.

Terraferida say that Son Mossènyor is of high environmental and historical value. It contains certain elements with heritage significance that were all listed for preservation purposes in 2014. The Charterhouse itself was declared an asset in the cultural interest back in 1971, meaning that it has protected status.

According to the environmentalists, a family which owns plots that equate to two-thirds of the land is itself in favour of there being protection. Terraferida compare the situation in Valldemossa with that of the Petit Deià development in the neighbouring municipality. The Council of Majorca, they maintain, could have halted that development but did not.

The town hall, Terraferida suggest, is seeking to resist pressures from some landowners and developers, to protect the land to avoid lawsuits that could run into the millions.

New urban planning legislation envisages a transitory provision for town halls to be able to reclassify land and to not have to face compensation claims. For this reason, Terraferida are urging the town hall to continue a commitment to protection of the land.