Rubbish on Es Trenc beach, which forms part of the Es Trenc Nature Park. | MDB

The environment ministry has bowed to pressure and is to send in personnel from the Ibanat nature agency to clean up beaches in Campos - Es Trenc, therefore. The amount of rubbish that has been piling up has led to complaints from beachgoers, and Campos town hall says that it can't cope.

Part of the problem lies with the fact that waste bins on the beach were removed at the start of the season. When it started to become obvious that this measure - a reflection of Es Trenc's newly acquired and official natural status - was leading to piles of rubbish, the environment ministry dispatched personnel to inform beachgoers of the need for them to take rubbish away with them.

All that has happened, however, is that the rubbish containers at specific points - Sa Rapita, Ses Covetes, the Arenes car park and Colonia Sant Jordi - have been overflowing with rubbish. Beachgoers dump it in these containers, rather than carry it all the way to their vehicles or to wherever, assuming that they take it away in the first place.

Operators of the chiringuito beach bars says that they try to collect what rubbish they can. They have their own bins. But some days the accumulation of rubbish is too great.

The government says that it is up to the town hall to remove the rubbish and to do this in coordination with the chiringuitos. But it now seems to accept that this is not an adequate arrangement; hence why Ibanat is being sent in to clear up.

Last summer, when there were no chiringuitos - the previous permanent ones having been demolished - it was not as if there weren't also problems. Hoteliers in Colonia Sant Jordi, which isn't even in Campos, organised collections and clean-ups themselves. The hoteliers were also critical of the fact that there were no toilets because there were no chiringuitos; that issue has at least been resolved by there now being temporary bars.