Jams in Formentor. | C. Bennasar

There is more evidence that traffic arrangements on the Formentor promontory are not operating entirely smoothly. Wednesday was a public holiday. It was also market day in Puerto Pollensa. This combination provoked higher than ever numbers of vehicles going into Puerto Pollensa, many of which also headed off to Formentor.

Despite the improved signage advising of the restrictions, the volume of traffic was such that there were jams lasting up to almost two hours. Caught up in these jams was of course the shuttle bus service from Puerto Pollensa to the lighthouse.

While some drivers only wanted to go as far as the beach, which is as far as they are allowed to go, others seemingly hadn't appreciated that they couldn't go further, i.e. to the lighthouse. Parking was full, and drivers had to turn round, a difficult enough procedure because of the lack of space. The jams were the consequence of all this.