Operation began late Monday and continued yesterday. | ALEJANDRO SEPULVEDA

The National Police raided a dozen addresses and arrested six people on Monday in an operation against the El Pablo drugs clan. Dubbed Atila, the operation was centred on La Soledat in Palma, a district where the clan had come to dominate the drugs trade.

This was not the first time that the police had acted. In June 2015 there was a major operation that resulted in El Pablo himself being investigated for over fifty offences. He had amassed a sizeable real-estate portfolio and used more than forty phantom companies to try and cover his tracks.

Despite his being sent to prison, the drugs business continued. It had been seriously weakened, but gradually more and more sales points were created in properties in La Soledat. The clan was reestablished, but on Monday the police went in to break it up again.

The operation started at six in the afternoon and continued well into the night. Officers knocked down walls as they hunted for hiding places stashed with drugs, money and jewellery. Significant quantities of cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy were seized.