Restaurants are starting to feel the pinch. | R.L.

According to the Majorca restaurants association, there has been a 20% decrease in turnover this summer, and the principal reason for this has been the negative impact of holiday rental regulations.

The association's president, Alfonso Robledo, says that business started to go down in May. The rentals "effect" was hitting all types of establishment - bars, cafes, restaurants. Both May and June were worse than the same months in 2017, and business wasn't helped by some occasional poor weather. The 20% drop, so it is claimed, was evident in July, and although business picked up in the first week of August, it has now slumped.

From a survey by the association, businesses in the various main resort areas are said to have been experiencing much the same results, with fewer tourists in rental accommodation being the cause. The association notes that its sector is not the only to have been affected; retailing has been as well.

Robledo argues that the government and the Council of Majorca should take all this into account when coming up with holiday rental regulations. He also wants the two institutions to speed up in clarifying legal vacuums which currently exist in the rentals sector.