José Navarro, the former chief of Calvia police who was arrested in 2014, is to be allowed to return to work.

Navarro's arrest at the end of August 2014 was in the context of an investigation into police corruption in Magalluf and in particular Punta Ballena. It came not long after the infamous "mamading" video came to light, and Navarro was denounced by businesses, one of which was linked to that video.

He was subsequently held on remand for several months. He is still under investigation, and his case has yet to go to court. Two years ago a restraining order was made by which he was not allowed to go within 300 metres of any local police facilities.

His case has since come under Judge Miquel Florit, now the investigating judge at the court of instruction overseeing the Bartolomé Cursach case and the allegations of police corruption in Calvia and Palma. The anti-corruption prosecution service was opposed to letting him to go back to work, arguing that he could have access to documents. But the judge has accepted the request by his lawyer. It comes with certain conditions, one of which is that he cannot go near Punta Ballena. He will be allowed to work as an inspector of services.