The rain at times during the summer has made the grape harvest more difficult for wine producers who are registered with the Binissalem DO designation of origin. Nevertheless, the president, José Luis Roses, anticipates there being good quality and quantity above that of last year.

He was speaking at the official opening of the Binissalem Vermar Fiestas, explaining that this season has been marked by the heatwaves at the end of July and in early August and by the rain. This has been highly localised, so not everywhere has been affected to the same extent.

In general, grapes have taken longer to mature and producers have had to be careful in picking grapes and ensuring that they are healthy and will guarantee the quality demanded by the DO. The harvest started nine days later than last year.

The Vermar inauguration was in the small village of Biniagual. It was attended by the "vermadores" and "vermadors", who are selected each year, and the mayor, Victor Martí, spoke about how the fiestas represent a "great week of Binissalem culture".

There is in fact more than a week. The Binissalem Wine Fair, which comes at the end of the fiestas, will be on 29 and 30 September.