Overgrown weeds.


It is an ongoing theme in Palma and has been for the past three years: the opposition Partido Popular have not missed a chance to criticise the management of the Emaya municipal services agency by its president, Més councillor Neus Truyol.

While the spills on the beaches have been right at the top of this particular agenda, there are other issues, such as weeds. In July last year, Truyol accepted that weeds on streets were not being removed, or at least were not being removed on a regular basis. This was due, she explained, to an attempt at privatisation of the service by the PP when it was running the town hall. This ultimately did not come about and the weed-killing/removal service just "disappeared". She had therefore inherited a situation in which there was not a specific unit to deal with weeds.

Yesterday, the PP took to Twitter in highlighting weeds that are growing by a bike rack on the calle Costa i Llobera. Was it a new "green zone" or was it a further example of the town hall's commitment to "sustainable mobility"? Residents in the area are said to not only be bothered by the weeds but also by a proliferation of insects and the smell of dog urine.

Emaya recently stated that weeds are being removed "according to scheduling for each sector (of the city)". "Work is being done on a daily basis, and we regret any inconvenience."