Antoni Fernanez.


A group of residents in the Son Espanyolet area of Palma - Plataforma de Veïns de Son Espanyolet - have been denouncing holiday rental accommodation to the tourism ministry's inspection service. There are apparently over twenty houses that are used as holiday rentals, and the vice-president, Tolo Seguí, says that complaints have arisen because of noise, "scandalous" behaviour and loud music.

There had been complaints to the police, to which there was a lack of response. The denouncements to the tourism ministry have gone further in that they draw attention to apparent over-occupancy of accommodation. "More places are being occupied than are authorised."

The residents platform was formed because the actual residents association was putting off taking action against holiday rentals. The treasurer of the association, Toni Fernández, doesn't accept this. The town hall was presented with a petition signed by 140 people which called for holiday rentals to be prohibited, given that Son Espanyolet is a traditional residential area. The town hall responded by saying that this would have to be something for consideration under the revised general urban plan for the city.

In one street, Alzina, Fernández says that there are seven properties which are operated by a Norwegian company. He lives between two of them, and there are nights when it is very difficult to sleep.

In June, Palma's mayor Antoni Noguera visited Son Espanyolet, having been invited to hear residents' complaints about holiday rentals.