Data from the Balearics Statistics Institute show that the highest number of people on the islands in July was 1,982,406 on the 24th of that month. This was lower than last year's record for July (2,033,640) and also down on the maximum in July 2016 - 1,996,146. If there has been a perception that there have been fewer tourists this year, then the institute's figures back this up.

The numbers for August are not available yet. This is the month when the annual maximum is typically registered. On 9 August last year the figure was 2,078,276. It is unlikely that this will have been exceeded this year.

Over the course of 2018, the trend has been down. The only exception was March. Easter led to a marked increase in the number of visitors.

Statistics for human pressure have been gathered since 1997. In that year the maximum (it was in August) was 1,364,594. The registered population of the Balearics has grown from 796,483 to 1,128,139, the figure at the start of this year. The minimum human pressure so far this year was on 8 January - 1,131,953.