The Playa de Palma hoteliers association has registered a series of denunciations with Palma town hall that relate to eight nightspots. These are in the so-called Dutch zone and on calle Jamon (Schinkenstrasse).

The hoteliers say that these are for non-compliance with bylaws and for activities that do not have the necessary town hall licence. They highlight opening hours beyond those that are permitted, "flagrant breaches" of noise regulations and a serious problem with uncleanliness.

The complaints have been gathered with the assistance of residents associations that form, along with the hoteliers, the group for a "civilised" Playa de Palma. Residents continue to say that the situation is unsustainable.

The hoteliers intend further action in the form of official complaints over the coming months. They want to "eradicate" behaviour that harms the local image and which prevents peaceful coexistence between tourists and residents.