Son Banya residents having expressed a wish to move to social housing in Campos or Sa Pobla has not gone down well in either municipality. The suggestion was made by one of the shanty town's representatives, Manuela Cortés, and following this, the mayors of Campos and Sa Pobla - Sebastià Sagreras and Biel Ferragut - called for a meeting with Palma's mayor, Antoni Noguera, and President Armengol.

Both mayors were taken by surprise by what seemed to have been more than just a suggestion. Ferragut wants some explanation about plans for Son Banya residents. "We then need to explain the situation to our residents and calm them down."

Ferragut adds that no one has been in contact about relocating any family to Sa Pobla. There was, he explains, some talk a few months ago about a family from Palma having a flat run by the government's Ibavi housing agency. But information about this was "very fuzzy".

Sagreras says that Palma town hall had been in contact about a similar arrangement for one family, but he has no more knowledge about this or about schooling for children. The mayor stresses that there are issues with housing families already in Campos. Palma, he reckons, should sort things out within its own municipal boundaries, but he wants to know more and to check whether there really is an intention to relocate Son Banya residents.

Ferragut tried to speak to Noguera on Friday but was unable to. He hopes that there will be a meeting next week. Més in Sa Pobla (the same party as Antoni Noguera) are meanwhile suggesting that there are two families from Son Banya for Sa Pobla and that they are not "problematic".