Transport inspectors at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport have reported 656 infractions during the course of the tourism season. Fourteen of these were for the illegal collection of passengers.

Marc Pons, the transport minister, gave these figures at a meeting yesterday of the committee which deals with illegal activity and unfair competition at the airport. The fines have amounted to 300,000 euros, and the interventions by inspectors are up considerably compared with last year. Only 48 infringements were reported in 2017, with just two of these having been for illegal pick-ups. Pons attributes the greatly increased numbers to the effectiveness of inspectors' work over the summer.

Taxi drivers at the airport have consistently complained about the activities of so-called "pirates". In Palma this is less a case of unlicensed taxi drivers and more to do with transport services which are only licensed to pick up clients who have pre-booked.