Yesterday in parliament there was a clash over claims of political indoctrination in schools. The Partido Popular and Ciudadanos highlighted examples of "Catalanist" indoctrination at three secondary schools which had coincided with the first anniversary of the 1 October referendum in Catalonia.

The spokesperson for the C's, Xavier Pericay, described these examples as immoral, contrary to the Constitution and against education laws. President Armengol responded by saying they had been isolated and specific cases and suggested that Pericay was seeking votes from the "far right". The C's were only interested in short-term electoral interests, whereas the government's policies are bringing about an improvement in the education system.

Prior to yesterday's parliamentary session, the government parties - PSOE and Més with Podemos in support - had all expressed their alarm at what they see as the rise of the far right. Some suggestion was made of links to the far-right party Vox by members of the PP and the C's.

Both the PP and the C's reject this suggestion. Fernando Navarro, a Balearics member of Congress for the C's, has defined Vox as being "a racist party on the lines of Le Pen's party".