Arthur Robinson. | R.S.

The body of the missing five-year-old, Arthur Robinson Lliteras, was found on Wednesday. The boy had been missing since the floods in Sant Llorenç last Tuesday. His mother, Joana, was killed and her body was found the following day near to the Son Carrio roundabout where her Hyundai car had been overwhelmed by a massive wave of water and mud. Arthur's body was not far from where his mother's was located.

The search had been conducted by some 300 members of various emergency services. In the end, his body was found at around 12.30 Wednesday lunchtime by a member of the public who had been helping with the clean-up operation. The body was by a glassware storage facility in an area from where four trucks, nine cars and two motorcycles had been removed on Saturday. It had been buried under a huge pile of rubbish and rubble.

Although the search had been wide and extensive and had drawn on divers to cover an eight-mile area of the sea, the Guardia Civil had always suspected that the boy would be found in the vicinity of the tragedy.

Arthur's sister Ursula was rescued by German cyclist Daniel Thielk. She has an older brother who hadn't been in the car. Shortly before the water engulfed the car, Joana had spoken on her mobile to her husband, David Robinson.

The funeral mass for the victims was held in Manacor on Wednesday evening. It was led by the Bishop of Majorca. King Felipe and Queen Letizia were among those who attended.

The death toll because of the floods is now confirmed as thirteen.