Aemet has started an internal investigation into its procedures in light of the tragic events in northeast Majorca on 9 October. The met agency is specifically addressing the forecasting for that day and in particular the issuing of warnings. The red alert for heavy rain - meaning high risk to life - was not issued until one minute after ten o'clock on that Tuesday night. As the emergency services have concluded, the thirteen victims had been killed by half seven in the evening.

For now, Aemet isn't giving any more information about what happened. Its spokesperson, Bernat Amengual, says that more details will be provided once a report of the investigation is concluded. The Balearic government's spokesperson Pilar Costa has, meanwhile, said that it would be wrong to think that the management of the disaster had worked well. "Things need to be improved. The victims deserve this."

The agency put out amber alerts on Wednesday for heavy rain yesterday and today. In Palma, the Civil Protection committee was preparing to put its emergency plan into effect in the event that the alert was raised to red.

The education ministry yesterday asked schools in Majorca to maximise their precautions because of rainfalls that were expected to reach 100 litres per square metre over a twelve-hour period and up to 40 litres in an hour. In Sant Llorenç, particular attention was being paid to clear as much debris as possible from the torrent.

The Balearic government approved a decree yesterday to facilitate rapid aid to be given to Sant Llorenç and neighbouring areas. This financial assistance will be for damage to property and vehicles, for loss of livestock and crops, for environmental damage and for repair to public infrastructure.

The maximum amount to be made available will be 60,000 euros. If necessary, the government will also provide 700 euros a month for rented accommodation. The Ibavi housing agency is making available six properties - one in both Capdepera and Petra, and two in both Manacor and Sa Pobla. Aid to businesses will range from 30,000 to 100,000 euros.