Remains found.


Forensic archaeologists engaged in exhumations at the communal grave in the cemetery in Calvia have found the remains of three more people believed to have been Republicans who were shot by the Falange in 1936.

Two skeletons and the leg from a third body have been unearthed. It is thought that 22 people were buried in the grave. The two skeletons were in an area of the cemetery where only one burial had been documented. The skull of one shows signs of the impact of a bullet, while the second skeleton would appear to have been damaged by building work that was carried out in the 1950s.

No names are being linked to the remains as yet. The victims were all buried without names and positions in the grave having been registered. A skeleton found last week was identifiable. It was that of the only woman known to have been shot and buried in Calvia - Joana Vaño.

President Armengol has visited the site along with the mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodríguez, and the culture minister, Fanny Tur.