The Partido Popular are keeping up the attack on finance and public administration minister Catalina Cladera over the government's handling of the 9 October floods that claimed thirteen lives.

The latest aspect has to do with the government having gone to parliament to gain agreement for 45 million euros of "extraordinary credit" to meet costs incurred because of the floods. The PP's Marga Prohens once again accused Cladera of hiding information regarding the response to the floods and insisted that she did not deserve to remain in the government "one more day".

The PP's spokesperson wondered why it was necessary to have this additional credit because the emergencies fund had been spent. The costs of repairing torrents would not be so high, she suggested, if they had been properly maintained. Prohens denounced the fact that the emergencies directorate was an area of government spending for which the budget had gone up the least in recent years despite the government having had far more revenue. She then reiterated her demand that the government makes available transcripts of emergency services' internal communications on the day of the floods. The government has refused to do this, citing data protection regulations.

Alberto Jarabo of Podemos retaliated by saying that the PP were being irresponsible and were failing to show solidarity. Andreu Alcover, the spokesperson for Cladera's party, PSOE, accused the PP of using the "tragedy" of the floods for electoral reasons.