Pedro Sánchez will be visiting Cuba tomorrow and Friday. He is the first Spanish prime minister to make an official visit for 32 years. A previous PSOE prime minister, Felipe González, was the last.

Accompanying Sánchez will be a sizeable delegation from the business world. On Friday there will be a business summit in Havana. Majorcan businesses will be represented. The hoteliers will be from Barceló, Blau, Iberostar, Meliá, Roc and Valentin. Globalia, i.e. Air Europa and Be Live Hotels, will be in attendance, and the engineering solutions group Sampol will also be there. Sampol is a leader in buildings' energy management.

Meliá's CEO Gabriel Escarrer Jaume will be at the summit. The hotel group considers the institutional involvement, that of the Spanish government, to be very positive. Miquel Miralles, president of Roc Hoteles, says that the meeting, which will also be attended by the Cuban president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, is "more than necessary". "Relations between the two countries are essential at an economic and institutional level and will strengthen Spanish business presence in Cuba."

Carmen Sampol of the Sampol group explains that her company will be able to provide its experience with energy and infrastructure projects in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Mexico. "We want to be present in this country (Cuba), which has great potential for economic and tourism growth in the short to medium term."

The president of the Aena airports authority, Maurici Lucena, is another member of the delegation, and he will be discussing improvements to airport infrastructure in Cuba.

Sánchez will be staying at the five-star Iberostar Grand Packard (shown in the image).

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