There is a new development in the seemingly endless and complicated saga of access to the Ternelles finca in Pollensa.

The biodiversity department at the regional environment ministry is giving its support to Pollensa town hall's argument that it should maintain the right of access to the sea (Cala Castell). This would be in accordance with what was approved by the Council of Majorca in 2006.

The town hall had been giving authorisation to hikers, but the owners (the March family) organised guided visits - the town hall's were not guided - operated by the Mediterranean Wildlife Foundation. The town hall disagreed but since July has not been processing any requests for authorisation.

The environment ministry's support would essentially mean that the situation which existed from 2006 would be revived. There would be a limit on the number of hikers (twenty a day), and the town hall would only place restrictions on access to the Castell del Rei, which overlooks Cala Castell, if this puts the breeding of black vultures at risk. There would also be restrictions if the town hall is advised to introduce these temporarily on conservation grounds.

The town hall will also accept shared payment of costs in respect of conservation and maintenance of the Ternelles way. Furthermore, it is proposing the creation of a joint commission comprising itself, the owners, the Mediterranean Wildlife Foundation, the Council of Majorca, the regional government, environmentalists GOB and hiking associations. This commission would meet twice a year to assess the situation regarding the way and propose any changes to regulations if they are necessary.