What is described as an international summit will be held at Palma's Palacio de Congresos at the end of January. Its purpose will be to analyse "all measures" that can be adopted by tourist resorts to control and eradicate drunken tourism.

At the recent World Travel Market in London there were discussions between Abta and the Spanish government about concerns surrounding booze tourism and trouble in different resorts. Magalluf and Arenal were among these. Benidorm was another. The summit will not just be concerned with Majorca.

Representatives from leading British and German tour operators will attend the meeting as will senior officials from Abta and its German counterpart, DRV.

Of politicians, the national secretary of state for tourism, Bel Oliver, and the Balearic tourism minister, Bel Busquets, will take part. The national government has given the meeting its full support. It is important for Spain, says the government, to promote quality tourism that is profitable and sustainable and to not look for quantity. "This is the model that Spain wants. Drunken tourism, therefore, has to be eliminated."

Abta, it is understood, will also be meeting the Balearic tourism ministry to discuss possible legislation of all-inclusive packages.