Business and the Balearic government have expressed their indignation at fares being charged since the residents' discount increased. Government spokesperson Pilar Costa says that airlines cannot be allowed to raise prices and that it is intolerable that they can benefit from public funds.

The airports authority Aena, the Agency for Air Safety and the National Competition Comission have all announced that they will investigate airlines operating routes between the Balearics and the mainland.

The president of the Pimem small to medium-sized businesses association, Jordi Mora, is demanding that there are changes to stop airlines adopting "abusive practices". He points out that tickets have 75% subsidies from the national government money and that airlines are getting "a good deal" by benefiting from these and an increase in fares.

Carmen Planas of the Confederation of Balearic Business Associations says that the increased discount to 75% features in the new special economic regime for the Balearics in order to compensate for the costs of insularity. It is necessary, therefore, that the relevant authorities ensure that fares do not go up.