Thanks to the help of the general public, the National Police have arrested a 48-year-old Cuban cat burglar.

The incident occurred at 7pm on Sunday evening when a group of youths who were hanging out in the park near calle Anselm Turmeda, not far from the old Lluis Sitjar football stadium, spotted an individual climbing down a ladder from a second floor apartment.
The group of youngsters approached the individual to see what was going on and carry out a citizens arrest until the police came.

The individual who was carry a large rucksack told the youths that it was full of jewels and other valuable items and that he would share his takings if they let him go.

Steal a car
However, the youths refused and advised him to return to the stolen items.
At this point, he dropped the rucksack and fled on foot in the direction of the old football stadium.

The youths, accompanied by a few other local residents who had witnessed the incident, chased after the Cuban who the tried to steal a car in order to escape.

However, the chasing pack surrounded the man and the vehicle and held him at the scene until the National Police arrived and arrested the individual.

In the meantime, the dumped rucksack had been recovered and, as the suspect had told the youths, it was full of stolen items.

The 48-year-old was charged with breaking and entering and robbery and was due to have appeared in court yesterday evening.

Praise for the youths
In the meantime, the National Police have praised the actions of the group of youths and other local residents who chased after the suspect and prevented him from escaping before the police arrived.

A National Police spokesperson said yesterday that this is a perfect example of how the general public and the security services can work together and help each other in fighting crime.