The temporary military bridge which was installed in Arta on Sunday was yesterday being tarmaced and should, weather permitting, open to traffic today.

Work on constructing the bridge began at 8.30 on Sunday morning and involved engineers from regiments in Zaragoza and here in the Balearics, in total 56 soldiers were involved in the operation which continued throughout the day.

The bridge is going to remain in palace until the original bridge along the Ma-12 Arta to Puerto Alcudia road has been repaired.

The cost of repairing the bridge which was seriously damaged during the 9 October storms and floods is estimated to be around three million euros and will come from the 23 million euros of aid which has been set aside by the Council of Majorca for repairing infrastructure in the area damaged by the killer floods.

Once the temporary bridge is open, it will be for one way traffic only in the direction of the town and will be closed at night between 11pm and 7am. The speed limit will be restricted to 20 kilometres per hour and vehicles will have to leave a space of five metres between each other.

No heavy goods vehicles will be permitted to use the bridge.

The bridge has been installed some 40 metres below the original one.

It is four metres off the ground, 15 metres in length and capable of handling a maximum weight of 67 tonnes so only vehicles weighing under 30 tonnes will be permitted to use the bridge.

In the event of adverse weather conditions and the island being placed on storm and rain alert, Arta Local Police and government engineers will monitor developments at the bridge round the clock and, in the case of any potential dangers, order that it be closed.

Those drivers wishing to head in the direction of Colonia Sant Pere will have to used the Manacor, la Calobra and Carrossa roads until the old bridge has been fully repaired.