Tensions flared yesterday morning during an operation mounted by the Guardia Civil to dismantle a gang suspected of being responsible for wave of house break ins in Calvia and Andratx.The main focus of yesterday’s raid was a property in calle Pascual Ribot in Palma where heavily armed security personnel arrested two suspects.

This is when emotions began to start running high with family members challenging and insulting the Guardia Civil and as tensions peaked, one of the family members fainted.

However, the Guardia Civil continued with their operation and the investigation is far from closed, according to sources and further arrests are not being ruled out.

So far, a total of four people have been arrested in connection with breaks ins to luxury properties in Calvia and Andratx but investigators believe that the gang, made up of Spanish and foreign nationals, has been operating in other municipalities around the island.

Since the operation began last month, six properties have been raided and searched and a substantial number of items which have been reported stolen, recovered along with large quantities of cash, credit cards and identification documents.

According to Guardia Civil sources, the wave of house breaks ins was carried out over the summer and the gang was highly professional.

This is not the first time extremely well organised and trained gangs of thieves have targeted luxury homes in the Calvia and Andratx areas and security sources yesterday advised all home owners, especially those who only spend part of the year on the island, to make sure that their properties are fitted with adequate security systems.