Palma has been experiencing something of record in terms of hotel occupancy over the Constitution and Immaculate Conception holiday period. The president of the Palma and Cala Mayor Hoteliers Association puts this at just under 50%, similar to last year but higher in real terms because there are more hotels actually open.

Visitors have been attracted to the boutique and city hotels partly by Palma Christmas Shopping promotions to the German and Swedish markets.

Activity at the airport has been high over the holiday period and has continued a trend which has already seen the total number of passengers for the year exceed those for the whole of 2017. By 29 November the number was 27,906,000 passengers (arrivals and departures).

The airports authority Aena anticipates that the year will end with a total of slightly more than 29 million. Aena suggests that over the low season there will be twelve per cent growth in passenger numbers.