Palma town hall doesn't want night flights. | Archive

The Balearic Federation of Transport Operators has warned that if night flights at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport are prevented, this will lead to even more traffic congestion during the day.

The federation stated yesterday that it is totally opposed to the "senselessness" of Palma town hall's call for night flights to cease. It insists that flight activity should be possible at any time but with less intensity during the night. "This is necessary in order to maintain the good functioning of tourism, the main economic sector in the Balearics."

The town hall's proposal lacks sense, the federation believes, especially because of insularity and the need for connections to the mainland. A "strategic factor" for the Balearics should be that the islands operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The federation has called on the airports authority Aena to consult with all business sectors that would be affected before any decision is taken. A situation should be avoided that "would be to the detriment of all parties and, above all, to the image of Majorca".