The Guardia Civil have acted against bogus inspectors in the past. | Michel's

Calvia police have issued a warning about bogus gas inspectors, having been contacted by residents in Calvia village and Palmanova. One report says that a person with a grey Peugeot 208 had tried to pass himself off as an inspector. The police stress that these individuals have not worn the right gas company uniforms or presented accredited documentation.

This form of scam is common and especially so in winter. Bogus inspectors turn up unannounced and wish to update connections. These used to only be for butane supply but the scam now also applies to natural gas. The police point out that appointments for revisions of gas installations are only made by property owners contacting their suppliers directly and that there are fixed rates for these inspections. If someone arrives, claiming to be an inspector, the police say that it is best to not even open the door.

The revisions should be made every five years. Accredited personnel will issue a certificate once the inspection has been completed.

The advice from Calvia police does of course apply to the whole of Majorca.