One of the two Playa de Palma robbers. | Policia Nacional

Two arrests have been made of men who were stealing from hotels in Playa de Palma. One of the two, aged 45, was caught in the act of climbing over balconies in order to get into rooms. Hotel workers and security saw him, as did guests. A National Police patrol went to the scene, officers themselves climbing from balcony to balcony in pursuit of him. They eventually found him hiding under a mattress. He was in possession of stolen goods.

The second man, 34, was already in prison and charged with robberies from three hotel rooms. He also faces a deportation order.

The two operated in the same way, scaling the fronts of hotels in the early hours and breaking into rooms and stealing wallets and mobiles. Both have previous convictions, the first of the two having spent several years in prison. Hotel security recordings assisted in the arrest of one of the two.

The police, who opened their investigation in October, know of at least ten robberies.