Sheep and goats have recently been attacked by dogs who have got out. | Alejandro Sepulveda

A farmer in Sencelles is under investigation by the Guardia Civil for having shot dead a German Shepherd which had got into his farm and attacked and killed a sheep.

Two dogs escaped from a nearby property a few days ago. Their owner fired some shots and one of the dogs went back, but not the German Shepherd. The farmer, meanwhile, went to the Guardia HQ in Inca and reported the dogs but didn't mention that he had killed one.

Officers from the local police then opened an investigation and went to the farm. An explanation about where a dead sheep had been buried didn't add up, so the Guardia Civil went the following day. They discovered both the sheep and the dog. Its chip confirmed its ownership.

The Guardia Civil raised an investigation for animal mistreatment which resulted in the death of the German Shepherd and have sent a report to the courts in Inca.