There has been a relaxation of tax on smaller lottery wins. | Ramon G. Aguilera

According to the State Lottery, six per cent more is being bet this year in the Balearics on today's Christmas Lottery. A total of 45.89 million euros is expected to be the final total. Betting on "El Gordo" in the Balearics isn't as great as elsewhere. It is in fact the lowest among all the regions. Only the north African cities of Ceuta and Melilla bet less.

The number of tickets sold has gone up by getting on for 30,000. In 2017, 213,391 tickets were sold in the Balearics. The first prize, El Gordo, has been won eight times in the Balearics, five of these having been in Palma, although the last time the city had a winner was 1995.

There has been an adjustment to the tax on winnings, with prizes of 10,000 euros or less not being subject to tax. Last year, for example, there was 20% tax on a 2,500 euros win. The tax exemption threshold is due to increase to 20,000 euros in the new year and to 40,000 euros in 2020.

El Gordo will be worth 400,000 euros for a tenth. After tax, this is 320,500 euros.