Traffic congestion in Campanet. | Efe

Campanet town hall wants to put a stop to the high levels of traffic at the Fonts Ufanes, the Sant Miquel hermitage and the Caves of Campanet.

Over the next few weeks the town hall will be installing a radar system on the main road from the motorway (Cami de na Pontons) and on the calle Major. The aims of this will be to measure traffic flows and to issue fines for speeding. The data collected from the system will be used to come up with policies regarding mobility and as the basis for discussions with other authorities, especially the Council of Majorca, regarding infrastructure investment.

In 2014, the town hall sought to establish a maximum limit of 4,000 people going to the Fonts Ufanes. It was unsuccessful, and there are now times when up to 10,000 people go and around 4,000 cars are on the road to the springs. Roads in the area are the responsibility of the town hall, and it has felt overwhelmed by the volume of traffic.

Last February, the regional environment ministry came to an arrangement with Campanet police and the Guardia Civil to control traffic when the springs were active. This control and road signs were designed to limit traffic "massification", but these were measures based on estimates of the number of vehicles going to Fonts Ufanes rather than the accurate data. The radar system will provide data in real time and facilitate improved traffic control.