Building work was suspended in September. | Elena Ballestero


Pollensa town hall has lifted the suspension of works at a development in Llenaire (Puerto Pollensa) which had been ordered in September.

Following complaints from residents, the urban planning department discovered that millions of litres of water were being wasted at the development site. This was estimated to have been up to two litres per second. Water was first being extracted and then deposited back into the drainage network.

The regional environment ministry became involved as there was a suspected environmental offence. The water resources department at the ministry opened proceedings against the developer of the building, which meant that work was suspended. Agents from the ministry confirmed that water was being extracted and pumped by two pipes at the site, which is less than 100 metres from the Ullal wetland area.

The town hall has now agreed to allow the work to continue. Accumulated water can be drained, but under no circumstances can there be extraction and pumping of water from the subsoil.