The new "brand" will promote restaurants and produce in the Tramuntana. | Archive

The Council of Majorca is creating the brand Serra de Tramuntana Mallorca Patrimoni Mundial - Tramuntana Mountains Majorca World Heritage. The aim of this is to foster tourism, promote local produce and heritage and give a boost to the restaurant sector. From 8 January, proposals regarding this brand will be open to public consultation and to submissions.

The director for territory and landscape, Miquel Vadell, stresses the importance of preserving cultural heritage. "The various authorities should use different means that we have in enhancing the sustainable development of the Tramuntana, in adding value to local produce and products and in incentivising producers to protect the landscape."

There will be rules governing the granting of the licence to use the mark and logo. Potential users include producers of wine, olive oil, fruit, honey and more. At least two-thirds of farm land devoted to production will have to be within the Tramuntana geographical area. Other users will be owners of emblematic properties and estates as well as restaurants, shops, services and hotels which form the Amics de la Serra (Friends of the Mountains).

Accreditations will need to be presented in order to qualify. These will cover, for instance, a D.O. designation of origin, and a committee will evaluate applications and then decide whether to issue a licence. This committee will consist of representatives from the Council of Majorca and the Tramuntana Consortium.

Vadell adds that a grant for developing the brand is to be sought from tourist tax revenue.