Meeting between police and taxi drivers. | Policia Nacional


Representatives of the National Police and taxi drivers held a meeting yesterday to consider the recent spate of violent attacks on Palma driverss. The police were presented with drivers' concerns and were told about incidents which haven't been reported. Drivers heard about police lines of investigation and efforts to soothe their concerns.

In the past when there have been these types of incident, the police say that they have had 100% success in clearing them up.

There have been four reports of robbery with violence in the past two weeks. The first was on 28 December. More recently, there were attacks in the early hours of Sunday, 6 January, and Monday. Three of these reports were in Cala Major. The other was in Gomila.

There was discussion at the meeting about protective measures, such as anti-vandalism screens, security cameras and alarms. Other measures include not carrying large amounts of cash that has been received from fares and not dropping off in areas with little light.

Drivers were advised that if they have suspicions, they should head for a safe area or for a police patrol and avoid any "heroic" actions. The police also drew attention to the mobile app Alertacops by which the National Police and Guardia Civil can geolocate drivers. Stress was placed on reporting all incidents, even if they are comparatively minor.

The taxi drivers have, meanwhile, approached Palma town hall and asked for financial assistance in installing video surveillance in cars that would be connected to a central control system. Mayor Antoni Noguera has given the drivers his support and hopes that a solution can quickly be found in preventing the assaults.