Agrotourism hotels will be able to have up to 50 places. | Alejandro Sepulveda

The Council of Majorca is to set a maximum of fifty places (beds) for agrotourism establishments. The Council's PIAT (plan for intervention in tourism areas) had set a limit of 24, but this has been increased following submissions made regarding the PIAT provisions.

The Majorca Hoteliers Federation has been among others who felt that a 24 maximum would prevent there being new agrotourism establishments. The number is too low to create adequate profit and return on investment. For existing agrotourism hotels to increase the number of places by two, there will have to be an area of 7,000 square metres. In order to establish an agrotourism in the first place, there have to be 21,000 square metres. The consequence of these dimensions is that there would need to be a total of 120,000 square metres for fifty places.

Further adjustments to the PIAT provisions for agrotourism are that hotels will not be limited to buildings from 1956 and before and that the area - per place - that is not used for accommodation can increase from 15 to 20 square metres.

For rural hotels, the PIAT conditions are to remain the same. There can be no new hotels on rustic land and nor can existing ones be extended.

There are at present 287 agrotourism establishments in Majorca. These have 5,410 places.