Bikers stopped by the Guardia Civil in the Tramuntana. | Archive

The Tramuntana XXI association is to promote efforts to cut noise pollution by motorbikes. The problem with bikes, which travel at high speeds, has existed for several years. It has often been raised but no definitive solution has been reached.

As well as the noise, which is a nuisance to residents and visitors, there are issues with road safety. Bikes exceed speed limits and often cross lanes, especially when taking bends.

The president of Tramuntana XXI, Joe Holles, says that measures of acoustic contamination will be taken. The noise is especially problematic at weekends. The association will be coordinating its efforts with municipalities in the Tramuntana and another group - Plataforma MA-10 (named after the main road in the mountains).

Holles points out that mayors recently sent a letter to the national government delegation which demanded an end to the problem. Requests to the delegation, he adds, have historically not been met with solutions.

He doesn't wish to comment on the organisation of illegal races in the mountains and confines himself to the problem of noise. "We want to make clear that we are not against motorcyclists. The great majority of them are responsible, but those that are not create a serious problems and nuisance."