The new pipeline is expected to be operational within six months. | Redacción

A new 4.5 kilometre pipeline is being laid in order to guarantee the water supply in Inca in the event of a major cut in the normal service.

Deputy mayor, Àngel Garcia, explained that the work is part of the water action plan and “will protect population from water cuts.”

The construction of the pipeline has a cost of one million euros and it will be operational within six months.

The most complicated part of the project will come when the pipeline has to cross the motorway.

“Engineers will have to drill under the motorway,” Garcia said. In addition to this pipeline, the local council also plans to build another one from the Lloseta well. Son Fiol and Lloseta are the water supply points of the town.

Once these additional projects have been completed, the plan also includes the construction of a new deposit of greater capacity. “The deposit of the Llubí road has a capacity of 90 cubic metres and the technicians recommend building one with 7,000 cubic metres of capacity,” Garcia said.