The rescue at the Torrent de Pareis yesterday.

25-01-2019Bombers de Mallorca

The Guardia Civil's mountain rescue group and the Majorca Fire Brigade yesterday rescued a woman who had been trapped all night in the Torrent de Pareis in Sa Calobra in the Tramuntana Mountains.

Details of what had led up to this have yet to be made available, but the woman and a man, both foreigners, had to endure overnight temperatures that were around freezing point. He was able to climb down from where they had taken refuge and then swam to the beach at Sa Calobra. At around ten past ten yesterday morning, he was able to raise the alarm.

On reaching her, the rescue services put her into a wetsuit and then took her out in a raft. Both were in surprisingly good health but needed treatment for mild hypothermia.

At present, there are parts of the torrent with deep water.