The businessman is an acquaintance of celebrities like Sylvester Stallone.


A British businessman is in a critical condition in a Palma hospital after having fallen from a first floor in the city's old centre on Tuesday night.

At around eleven o'clock, neighbours called the emergency services to advise them of an apparent incident of domestic violence at the property. According to neighbours, while the police were on their way in response to the call, the businessman tried to lower himself to the street through a window. Instead, he fell.

A report by the National Police states that some neighbours went to the apartment in order to help the woman and "verbally" tried to restrain him. However, he lowered the window and fell to the ground, hitting his head hard.

His wife says that she heard the window being opened and then a thud in the street and a shout. She saw him on the ground, by which time the police had yet to arrive. She adds that they had been out drinking and that he told her he was going to sleep on the sofa as they were angry with each other. There was shouting, but the neighbours misinterpreted this. He had not laid a hand on her.

One of the neighbours maintains that he heard him shout in English "I'll kill you". The woman insists that there was no more to it than a loud argument.