Puerto Portals, where 40 million euros are being spent. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

During a visit to Puerto Portals yesterday, land and transport minister Marc Pons stated that 178 million euros have been invested in ports since the current government came to power.

In the specific case of Puerto Portals, improvement work is costing forty million. The regional government's Ports de les Illes Balears (PortsIB) renewed the concession in 2017. The annual charge was increased to 2.5 million euros, and the investment was initially put at 26 million.

Twenty-nine concessions for ports under indirect management (i.e. not directly by PortsIB) have been renewed. The annual charges for all of them now mean revenue for the government of 10.7 million euros. It had been just 125,000.

Pons said that the process of renewal is contributing to improved management and that the project at Puerto Portals represents a very significant improvement to services at a marina which has international recognition because of its quality.

For ports under direct management there has been investment of over forty million euros for improvements and for dealing with emergency problems.